There is a conflict between the global function "execute" in the job program of the script development model and the function "execute" in the job program, and the batch cannot be executed. Is the global function "execute" unavailable?

 Due to the language specification. Due to the scope relationship, execute of this is called.

[Handling method]
 Please make sure the scopes are different.

  Example: Method defined in the Procedure
 Procedure.define("foo", new Foo());
  function Foo() {
    this.executeRuntime = executeRuntime;

  function executeRuntime() {
    execute("command"); // Global function execute execution

Define the above code with a function other than the job program file so that it can be called from the job program.
Please refer to the API document for Procedure.define. () can be executed in execute of job.

-- Target ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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