Product support range


● Follwing are in the scope of Support range:
1. Information on product's update file offering
2. Inquiries on how to install products
3. Inquiries on how to revision-up, version-up, and update of products
4. Inquiries on how to operate products
5. Inquiries on specifications confirmation of products
6. Inquiries on how to setup products
7. Inquiries on how to use product API

● Follwing are not in the scope of Support range:
・ How to implement programs
・About direct use of the 3rd party library contained in our products
・Middleware products
・OS (including ActiveDirectory)
・Application server (WebSpbere, WebLogic and so on)
・DB (including JDBC driver)
・Turning methods
・Test and examine methods
・Partner Solution (please contact to seller)
・Other company's products
・Load balancer
・Test tools
and so on

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