IM-BloomMaker for Accel Platform 8.0.4 or later is in the updated environment and an error of E.IWP.SERVICE.00015 is output to the log at startup of Accel Platform when tenant environment setup has not been done.

[Occurrence Conditions]
 This symptom occurs when all the following conditions are fulfilled.
  - IM-BloomMaker is included in the environment.
  - A war which includes IM-BloomMaker 8.0.4 or later is deployed in the environment where tenant environment setup has been done with IM-BloomMaker 8.0.3 or earlier. 
  - Tenant environment setup has not been implemented after update to IM-BloomMaker 8.4.0 or later.

 This symptom occurs because table schema was changed in IM-BloomMaker for Accel Platform 8.0.4.

 Content version management is now available. (Japanese)

 There is no workaround for it.

[Handling Method]
 Restart intra-mart Accel Platform after tenant environment setup.
 It works normally without errors after restart.

 -- Target -------------------------------------------------------------------------
iAP/IM-BloomMaker/8.0.4 or later

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